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American Trigger Corp AR Gold Trigger Review

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AR Gold Trigger Review

As an avid shooter of the AR platform, I have been able to try out and get to know many different variations of America’s rifle as it is known.

My experience with shooting AR pattern rifles began during my time in the military. The M4A1 was what I was issued. Both in the standard 14.5″ and the 10.3″ CQBR variants. Both were fitted with the standard AR rifle Colt sear block.

Both, of course, used the same mil-spec trigger group that we all know. It wasn’t until I was introduced to precision rifles that I got to shoot what were known as “Match Triggers.”

At first, I didn’t fully understand how much this one upgrade could improve ones shooting performance. That was until I became a sniper and was issued these upgraded triggers for real-world operational use.

Gold Trigger

I now firmly believe in having the best trigger possible in any weapon as long as it does not sacrifice reliability. The standard now-dated trigger functionality is a thing of the past.

When building out a new rifle or simply purchasing one off the rack, the trigger, in my opinion, is the singular best improvement modification that must be done.

The Tactical Hyve cadre conducted this review of American Trigger Corp’s AR Gold Triggers over three months.

Let’s see how it did.

What is the American Trigger Corporation AR Gold Trigger?

The AR Gold drop-in trigger group is a proven and relied upon AR pattern platform trigger used by all types of shooters.

Be it a weapons platform trigger for military or law enforcement tactical teams or top competitive shooters. The AR Gold has proven to be the ultimate AR platform trigger.

AR Gold Trigger Boxes

Features of the AR Gold Trigger

  • Set pull weight of 3.5 lbs or adjustable

  • Drop-in module trigger

  • Shortest reset

  • Crisp break

  • Drop safe

  • Designed for AR 10/15 style platforms (they have different models)

  • Includes .154″ trigger pins

  • Adjustable over travel

  • Made in the USA

What’s in the Box?

In every American Trigger Corp AR Gold box, you get a cartridge-style drop in gold-plated trigger group. You also receive a pair of .154″ trigger pins. All of which are nicely packaged in foam.

Other items included are a two-sided info card, a PACT Club Timer III advertisement, and some AR Gold stickers.

what's in the ar gold trigger box?

AR Gold Types and Variations

The AR Gold trigger comes in both flat-blade and curved trigger models. Both types are drop-safe and have a super crisp break.

They come in fixed and adjustable weight variations. Both types are set at the factory to a 3.5 lb pull weight with a short reset.

American AR Gold triggers have a very light pull and have among the shortest reset compared to other triggers on the market.

Being an out-of-the-box one-piece cartridge-style unit, new shooters with no prior experience can accomplish the installation process. If needed, American Trigger Corp has an installation video on their website.

Adjustable Weight Variation

The AR Gold drop-in module trigger provides adjustable weight engagement or, simply put, adjustable trigger pull weight. The unit comes to you from the factory set at a 3.5 lb pull weight.

To adjust the AR Gold trigger, there are two set screws in the trigger housing. The top screw will adjust the sear tension, which controls the break weight. Clockwise increases tension, while counterclockwise will decrease tension.

According to the ATC Gold website. If you release too much spring tension on the sear, the gun will not cock reliably during live fire.

We tested two adjustable AR Gold triggers, and pull weights ran from about 2.4 lbs to a little over 2.7 lbs.

Non-Adjustable Weight Variation

The non-adjustable weight single-stage variation of the AR Gold trigger is the one I will use and recommend for what we will call real-world applications. This is due to increased durability.

Except for static long-range engagements, a 3.5 lb nonadjustable trigger pull is a great combat pull weight. Anything lower than that and the likelihood of a negligent or accidental discharge becomes too likely in a real-world combat environment.

Curved Trigger Type

Curved Ar gold Trigger

The curved trigger shoe is meant to replicate the feel of a standard or mil-spec trigger when felt by the user. This is my preferred type of AR trigger simply due to my experience with this type of trigger.

Though I will say that the curved shape is all this great trigger has in common with the standard triggers I have used on AR-pattern weapons.

I have also used other competitors’ triggers, and I can say that these are among the cleanest breaking of any AR 15 trigger I have shot.

Flat-Faced Trigger

Flat faced trigger

Now it all comes down to personal preference. But that said, the flat-faced trigger has the cleanest break of the two, in my opinion. Which, of course, is what you want during any competition.

I have seen their use on the military and the LE side, but they are far more prevalent among competitive shooters like Jerry Miculeck, in my experience. Though I’m sure he uses both to equal effect, he is Jerry Miculeck after all.

I personally shy away from flat-faced triggers due to my fear of them being a slightly greater snag hazard. But thats just me. In a controlled environment such as a competitive match, I would not be worried about it.

Drop in Trigger Installation

drop in trigger installation

The one-piece trigger pack or cartridge-style unit is not a unique approach these days. But the AR Gold’s drop-in module provides easy installation to properly fit receivers of the AR 15 or AR 10 variations.

Each AR Gold trigger comes with the required .154″ trigger pins needed to install the drop-in module trigger easily.

The AR Gold’s drop-in module was as easy to install as any AR-15 style trigger on the market I have come across.


So far, our experience with the AR Gold drop-in trigger packs has been very positive. We haven’t had any problems so far.

During my online research, I found that the user reviews of these triggers were overwhelmingly positive. It is universally considered one of, if not the ultimate, AR platform triggers.

I will note that the adjustable triggers must be lock tightened so the set screw doesn’t come loose during firing.

The construction and build quality of the AR Gold drop-in module leads me to believe they are drop-safe and would be a great platform trigger for military use and similar applications.


Amazing trigger reset

As I’ve already alluded to, the trigger is incredible.

The fixed trigger option has a respectable 3.5 lb pull weight, while the adjustable trigger can go as low as 2.4 lbs while performing reliably.

It might be possible to go lower, but that is as low as we went during our testing.

The trigger reset…Simply amazing. If you want fast follow-up shots, this trigger is an absolute must.z

Its reset is far superior to many other popular aftermarket triggers.

AR Gold Triggers
Starts at $249

AR Gold Triggers are among the best aftermarket triggers we've used, topping many of the more popular name brands in the industry. We recommend these to anyone looking for top performance.

  • Crisp trigger break
  • Adjustable pull weight
  • Thin profile
  • Cartridge style drop-in trigger
  • 4 different configurations
  • Only comes in gold
  • Adjustable set screw may come loose
  • MSRP: $249 to $279
Check ATC Check Brownells

Watch Our Video Review

Final Words

During our review of the American AR Gold trigger, I found these triggers to have the shortest reset coupled with minimum overtravel.

With a preset out-of-the-box pull weight of 3.5 lbs., these triggers are an instant upgrade to any stock AR 15 type trigger on the market.

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