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Byron Rodgers

Byron Rodgers is a United States Marine Corps combat veteran turned Private Security Professional. He has successfully conducted executive protection operations in 60+ countries and counting over the course of the last decade and has consistently worked every client demographic the private security industry has to offer.

He has dedicated his life not only to protecting human beings but also to teaching them how to protect themselves. His mission statement is to make the world a safer place by helping good people become more dangerous.

As the CEO and founder of a consortium of companies and brands, he executes on this mission daily through Bravo Research Group, which is a boutique private security company that offers high-powered security solutions to multiple client demographics. Through the Executive Protection Lifestyle brand, he delivers information to private security professionals that improves the quality of their work and the private security industry as a whole. Through the Executive Protection Training Day success package he offers an executive protection school and membership to executive protection professionals that is sweeping the industry. Through the Protector Nation and its associated live events called Protector Symposiums, he helps good people regardless of vocation or background learn how to be more willing, capable, and prepared to protect themselves, clients and or their loved ones.

Byron is a special breed of protector who believes that the art of protection is more than just a job but rather it is a lifestyle. His interactions with the firearms community and private sector have landed him sponsorships with companies such as Primary Weapon Systems, Gray Man & Company, N-ear and the Executive Protection Institute.

With the grittiness of an infantry Marine and the refinement of a corporate executive protection agent, Byron Rodgers brings a firmness, finesse and intelligence to the industry that has proven to be rare and effective. He is a protector by nature first and also by trade. His experience, his studies and his perspective allows him to offer a very robust brand that has something for everyone and that will ultimately make the world a safer place.