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Chris “Dutch” Moyer

“Dutch” has served 31 years in the United States Army, 26 of which were in Special Operations Command, with experience with the 19th Special Forces Group, 1st/75th Ranger Battalion, culminating with 14 years as a USASOC Operator.

His unique perspectives and experiences make him a valuable Subject Matter Expert at Tactical Hyve.

During his career he:

  • Planned and conducted small unit tactics supporting Unconventional Warfare, Special Reconnaissance, Foreign Internal Defense, and Direct Action missions. 
  • Took part in over 1000 successful combat assaults in classified and unclassified missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
  • Trained and participated in training Task Force partners (FBI HRT/Ranger Regiment/SAS/SASR/KSK/FSK/JTF2/U.S. Border Patrol) to include indigenous forces of Columbia, Thailand, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, and the KSA
  • Trained Domestic, Federal LE, United Kingdom, Australian, Canadian, New Zealander, German, and Norwegian K9 Forces  
  • K9 Troop Sergeant Major/Operations Sergeant Major/Task Force Liaison Officer/Team Leader/K9 Handler/Operator Team Member/ Platoon Sergeant/Squad Leader/Team Leader/Machinegun Team Leader/Assistant Gunner/203 Gunner/SAW Gunner/Rifleman
  • K9 Program Manager USSOCOM 
  • Proficient in Pistol/Rifle/SAW MG/M240 MG/Carl Gustav AT gun and many various makes and models of small arms (to include foreign weapons) and crew-served weapons. 

He offers private and group training through his company DCM Consulting.