Combat Pistol 1 is a 2-Day class designed for those who have shooting experience, but who have not taken a formal handgun class, or for those who want to learn the “fundamentals” as taught by retired Navy SEALs, "Coch" and "Gordo." 

The principles of Combat Pistol 1 are the basis upon which our future pistol courses will be built. At the end of the class, you'll have a solid fundamental grounding and understanding of modern gunfighting and the use of the defensive pistol.  

You will learn a great deal and improve your basic skill sets.


Train with two highly respected and sought after firearms instructors.

Gordon Evans


Retired Navy SEAL Chief with 20 years of experience, having worked 10 years as a contract firearms instructor for the BUD/S training program.

Mark Cochiolo


Retired Navy SEAL Operator with 24 years of experience, spending 8 years as an assaulter and breacher on the U.S. Navy's tier one counter terrorist unit.


Combat Pistol 1 will be an invaluable class for beginner and intermediate shooters taking place over two action-packed days in beautiful Escondido, CA. 

Each day will include top-notch instruction combined with shooting drills to reinforce everything that is taught in the class.

Saturday, September 28:


  • Safety brief, gear and gun check
  • Skills assessment #1
  • Stance, grip, high-ready, soule, combat reload, and ghost reload
  • Immediate action drill
  • Shooting drills


  • Remedial action drill
  • Modified high ready and prepping the trigger
  • The draw
  • Shooting drills
  • 1 handed shooting as required and if time permits  

Sunday, September 29:


  • Situational awareness and mindset
  • Skills assessment #2
  • Shooting drills to reinforce skills taught on Day 1



  • Skills assessment #3 (from the holster)
  • Shooting from barricades 
  • Shooting drills to reinforce skills

*Schedule is subject to change based on student skill levels.


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This class is designed for beginner shooters who already have some shooting experience, but have not taken a formal, comprehensive pistol class. It is also meant for students who need a refresh on the basics or for those students who are curious to know how retired Navy SEALs Coch and Gordo approach teaching the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship. While the class is mean for beginners, we will be covering intermediate techniques, and the skills learned in Combat Pistol 1 are required for more advanced training.

  • Pistol of your choice. Make sure it is in good condition, or if you can bring two, you may want to do so to make sure you have a gun to fire.
  • Holster and gun belt. One you use and make sure the trigger is covered when it is seated. (We are not doing concealed carry draws in this course.)
  • Bring at least 3 magazines you can bring more if you have them. They can be 10 or 15 round magazines. Our course of fire is designed around 10 round magazines. If you are shooting a 1911 platform bring extra magazines so you can shoot 30 rounds per relay.
  • Magazine pouch so you can carry at least 2 extra magazines; you can have more if you want.
  • 500 rounds of your caliber ammunition (more if you want but 500 will get you through the course)
  • Wraparound eye protection (clear, smoke or yellow your choice)
  • Ear protection (electronic ear protection preferred)
  • Long sleeve shirt for when we shoot steel
  • Hat if you want, depending on the time of year it may be hot, plus it can keep brass out of your face.
  • Sunscreen. We will be spending the entire day in the sun.
  • Comfortable shoes. Most of the day we will be on our feet.
  • Drinks and food. We will have a 30 minute lunch break each day. There are no vendors on site, so it is best to bring your own food and drinks. There are, however, restaurants about 10-15 minutes from the property.

The class is being held at a private property in Escondido, CA. The address will be given to students who register for the class. Class will start at 9am and end at 5pm each day.

The class is $550 for two full days of training with both Gordon Evans and Mark Cochiolo.

1 instructor for every 7 students. The class is limited to 20 students and both Coch and Gordo will be teaching together both days with an assistant.

Because of the high demand for this class and the limited number of openings, all student registrations are final. Cancellations are not allowed, but you may transfer your seat to another person if you cannot make it. Please contact us at if you would like to do this.

We stand by our instructors and our class material. After attending the first half of training on Day 1, if you are not happy with the class's quality of instruction, we will refund your class tuition. Our classes have a Money Back Guarantee should you be unhappy with the quality of training.

Students must be at least 21 years old and U.S. Citizens. Background checks will be conducted, and by enrolling in the class, you are granting Tactical Hyve permission to conduct a background check.

If you have more questions that were not already answered above, please send your questions to

Register for Combat Pistol 1 

Secure your spot as space is limited to 20 students!


Bill Desy

"Coch and Gordo are true professionals with impressive resumes. However, what sets them apart is their excellent eye for detail, approachable and open teaching style, and outstanding problem solving skills. I was very impressed with how much individual attention they were able to provide to each student, even in a group setting with varied skill sets. I highly recommend training with Coch and Gordo!"


Owner, CCW USA


"Mark brings a low-key and knowledgeable approach to his instruction that assists the students with the fundamentals of operating numerous weapon systems. . . He is able to relay information in a positive and professional manner that really engages the students and instills confidence in their weapons management. I cannot recommend him enough and will be attending any class he runs."  


Police Officer, LAPD


"One of Tactical Hyve's key missions is to connect civilians with America's most elite tactical experts. Both Coch and Gordo match what we are looking for in our Subject Matter Experts. They are highly respected by their peers, having years of experience on the field and just as much time teaching the military, law enforcement, and civilians. I encourage everyone to train with them if they get the chance."


Founder, Tactical Hyve


  • Private forum access for 3 months exclusively for Combat Pistol 1 students. 
  • You will be able to ask Coch and Gordo follow up questions and get additional guidance.
  • Professional, digital photos of you training 

Register for Combat Pistol 1 

Secure your spot as space is limited to 20 students!


"Wowwwww. . .Coch is literally the BEST!"

"That man [Gordon] is a legend!"

"Coch is legit! I still remember the stuff he taught in 3rd phase. 



Paul Watson




"Gordon is awesome!!!!! HOOYAH brother!!!"

"Mark is an awesome instructor. I was a Corpsman at 3rd phase and he would clean up all my bad habits, gave me tons of instructor out there by far."

Steve Smith

JOSH (Former Navy Corpsman)