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DryFireMag Review – Automatic Trigger Resetting Magazine

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As the Founder of Tactical Hyve and a competitive shooter, I shoot a ton, and I dry fire a lot.

I have been using DryFireMags almost daily for two years now, and I can confidently say they are a valuable dry-fire training tool for anyone who wants to improve quickly.

If you own a striker-fired pistol, like a Glock or SIG, I highly recommend picking up a DryFireMag because it makes your dry fire practice more effective, efficient, and fun.

At the time of this review, DryFireMag has models for the most popular compact and full-sized striker-fired pistols. I’ve heard that they are working on models for sub-compact handguns like the Glock 43x and SIG P365.

If you’re on the fence about buying one, read my full review below. I cover its main features, benefits, some of its limitations, and alternative products.

Let’s get started!


You can buy it directly from DryFireMag. Use code TACHYVE for $10 off your order.

If you purchase the DryFireMag using our link on this page, we’ll give you lifetime access to our Mastering Trigger Control online course.

*More details below.

What is the DryFireMag?

The DryFireMag is a dry fire magazine that uses your own gun to provide audible and tactile trigger simulation, making your dry fire practice feel like you’re squeezing your trigger for real.

DryFireMag Review

How Does the DryFireMag Work?

The DryFireMag has a patented mechanism built in that resets the trigger in your striker-fired pistol, so you can practice taking shots without racking the slide between trigger squeezes.

DryFireMag Spring

You won’t build bad muscle memory, and you’ll feel the simulated trigger break and reset without needing to rack the slide, even if you take multiple shots.

It’s really easy to use, and there is no assembly or disassembly required.

First, make sure your striker-fired pistol is clear and safe with nothing in the mag well. Then, rack your slide once to reset your trigger and insert the DryFireMag into your pistol.

You’re now ready to start your dry fire practice! An audible click represents each shot you take, and you can take as many shots as you’d like without having to manually rack your slide. Your trigger will automatically reset!

DryFireMag in Glock 19

DryFireMag’s Benefits

The DryFireMag looks and sounds simple–because it is. It’s a magazine that resets your trigger during dry fire practice.

To the average gun owner, this might not seem like a big thing, but there are a lot of important benefits to using a DryFireMag.

Improves Your Accuracy and Speed

Proper trigger control is important when learning how to shoot accurately, whether you’re shooting slow-fire or rapid-fire.

I can’t stress how important it is to intimately learn the feel of your trigger for optimal performance.

The DryFireMag lets you do this by accurately simulating all the stages of a trigger squeeze:

  • Pre-travel
  • Break
  • Over-travel
  • Reset

And it allows you to do this numerous times without racking the slide, so you can hyperfocus on working proper trigger control without worrying about anything else.

The fact that you can take multiple shots means you can improve your shooting speed as well!

The secret to shooting fast isn’t about how fast you squeeze the trigger. Instead, it’s all about how fast you reset your trigger and come back on it, ready to take another shot.

The DryFireMag lets you do just this, as many times as you want. Instead of pinning your trigger to the rear, you can immediately reset your trigger, take the slack out, and reach the wall of your trigger, so you’re ready to fire again.

Now, I’ve already shared the secret to shooting fast. The secret to shooting fast and accurately is about how fast you reset your trigger and how you come back on it for a follow-up shot.

The DryFireMag also allows you to work on coming back on your trigger using proper trigger control principles and techniques to improve, not only your speed but also your shooting accuracy.

Get Familiar with Your Own Pistol and Trigger

With the DryFireMag, you get to use your own pistol and your own trigger.

If you want to shoot well, as I already mentioned, it’s important to know the intricacies and the feel of your own firearm.

You can even tune your DryFireMag to match the actual feel of your trigger during live fire.

Using a provided #10 Allen wrench, you can adjust the amount of pre-travel (the point of the simulated release of the firing pin).

To change the feel of your trigger squeeze, to a heavier or lighter weight, DryFireMag offers spring kits so you can swap the coil spring used to match the feel of your actual trigger.

The company doesn’t seem to have spring kits available for all their offered models, but I hear they will offer them, so it’s just a matter of time.

No Potential Damage to Your Firearm

The DryFireMag will not damage your firing pin. It doesn’t use the firing pin, because the resetting mechanism is contained within the mag’s body. The DryFireMag only interacts with the trigger bar.

It also won’t damage the trigger mechanism. The lever that interacts with the trigger bar is a softer material than the trigger bar. Any wear takes place on the DryFireMag lever and not on the trigger mechanism.

Compatible with the Mantis X10 Elite and Laser Option

The Mantis X10 Elite is one of our favorite dry-fire training tools, and it’s compatible with the DryFireMag.

For the Mantis owners out there, all you need to do is set the Shot Detection Mode in the Mantis app to “SIRT/DFM,” and you’re off to the races!

The DryFireMag doesn’t work with various laser cartridges in the market, but they do over a Smart DryFireMag with Laser for select models.

Currently, they only offer the Smart DryFireMag with Laser for Glocks, but I imagine they will be offering it for other models in the near future.

Smart DryFireMag with Laser

The Smart DryFireMag makes it possible to accomplish efficient dryfire practice and analyze the accuracy of each shot visually and/or electronically.

DryFireMag’s Limitations

I really like the DryFireMag and believe it is very helpful for a lot of shooters.

However, there are a few limitations prospective buyers should know.

Firstly, as I referenced earlier, the company has models for many popular full and compact-sized striker-fired pistols, but they still are working on other models.

So, if you own a sub-compact gun for concealed carry, like a Glock 43x, Sig Sauer P365, or a Hellcat Pro, you’ll have to wait–but they are working on it!

Secondly, not all of their models have spring kits, so you won’t be able to adjust your trigger squeeze weight for every pistol platform.

Nonetheless, I’m sure they are working on expanding their spring kit offerings as well to include other models.

Lastly, DryFireMags aren’t meant to practice your reloads. Look at them as a tool to work a specific skill set–your trigger control.

While one could technically practice reloads with multiple DryFireMags, the spring mechanism on each mag can get in the way of a smooth reload and the DryFireMag doesn’t easily fall when you hit the mag release button, i.e., they have to be stripped.

In addition, dropping the mag on the ground has the potential of breaking it.

Perhaps in the future, they will update their mags to allow for reloads, but for now, use them to work on your shooting speed and accuracy.

DryFireMag’s Price

The DryFireMag starts at $98.99 for most models. The cost may seem expensive to some, but it is a great investment. If you’re serious about improving the money is well spent.

Some say the DryFireMag should be no more than $20 to $30 because it probably costs $7 to $10 to make. However, I know a little about manufacturing, and I’m pretty sure it cost them over six figures to make that first DryFireMag (design, testing, patents, etc.).

Regardless, I think it’s worth the price.

DryFireMag Reviews

No matter where you look, customers love their DryFireMags.

On Amazon alone, they have over 1,400 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Many of our students have mentioned they own DryFireMags and absolutely love them.

I also know for a fact that popular special operations units are now using them in their training because of all of the benefits.

“I purchased the DryFireMag to help me with steadying my trigger pull
I’ve only had it a few days, but already like what I see so much, that I’ve begun showing it to my firearms friends! It is well made and a quality product.”

You can read more DryFireMag reviews on their website.

How It Has Helped Me

I shoot a lot. I dry fire a lot.

I know how important it is to build the proper neuro-pathways (i.e. muscle memory). The DryFireMag has helped me do that–specifically when it comes to trigger control.

As I stated above, it is a great tool to help you improve your shooting accuracy and speed because you can take multiple shots quickly and learn to work your trigger the right way.

DryFireMag Alternatives

Can one learn proper trigger control without using a DryFireMag?

Yes, of course. But using one cuts your learning curve and makes your practice sessions more efficient, effective, and fun.

However, if you can’t get your hands on one for whatever reason, here are some alternatives.

Rack the Slide

You can rack the slide for each shot as most gun owners do. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it isn’t very efficient, and your risk the chance of building bad ‘muscle memory.’

Manipulate the Trigger

Another option is to go through the motions with your trigger finger.

In other words, if your trigger doesn’t reset automatically, you can simply go through the motions by coming off the trigger and then back on it, simulating another shot by tapping your pinned trigger with your finger.

I don’t recommend this for beginner shooters who are still learning their triggers. This is a technique I use, and many professional shooters as well when I can’t use a DryFireMag.

However, it’s important to already have a good understanding of trigger control and all the stages of your trigger to get the most out of this training technique.

Keep Your Gun Out of Battery

With some striker-fire pistols, like Glocks, you can use a small, thin piece of paper or plastic to prevent your gun’s slide from returning to its proper starting position.

By doing this, you’ll notice you can squeeze your trigger without it locking to the rear. In essence, your trigger will reset by itself.

The downside with this method is that your trigger will not feel the same as when you shoot.

You won’t feel any resistance, wall, or a proper trigger reset.

Use Laser Training Pistols

Instead of using your firearm, you can use a laser training pistol. There are many kinds in the market.

These pistols usually have triggers that feel ‘close’ to real triggers, but you won’t be using your firearm and trigger.

Often, the shape of these pistols will not match real firearms, so some will say you’re doing yourself a disservice by using them.

I think there is a time and place for these tools, but if you’re serious about getting better, I recommend using your equipment if/when possible.

Use Airsoft Pistols

Similar to the previous alternative, you can use airsoft pistols.

Airsoft pistols come in all shapes and sizes, and some manufacturers have the right to copy the exact designs of real firearms.

While this is a step up from using generic laser training pistols that do not match the design of real guns, airsoft pistols will also have triggers that feel ‘close’ to real triggers, but there is a good chance it won’t feel like your own trigger.

Watch My Video Review

My Closing Thoughts

The DryFireMag is a worthy dry fire training tool.

Beginners or casual gun owners may not know or understand its true value, but experienced shooters know how beneficial they are.

If you’ve been on the fence, I recommend grabbing one. They are simple to use and will make you better, and faster.

Check them out here, and you can use code TACHYVE to get $10 off.


You can buy it directly from DryFireMag. Use code TACHYVE for $10 off your order.

If you purchase the DryFireMag using our link on this page, we’ll give you lifetime access to our Mastering Trigger Control online course.

*More details below.

[Bonus] Mastering Trigger Control Online Course

If you’re ready to buy the DryFireMag and do so via one of the links on this page using coupon code TACHYVE, we’ll send you our Mastering Trigger Control online course completely for free. DryFireMag will include a link to the course in your official receipt.

We cover a lot in this course and cover details most instructors neglect or don’t know. You won’t find access to the course anywhere else. The only way to get it is to purchase one of our online courses and upgrade your purchase to include it.

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