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Training Guides

Learning about firearms, shooting, and tactics can be overwhelming because of all the information available. So, we've created simple guides that you'll find useful, whether you're brand new or experienced.

Check our different guide categories below!

How To Shoot

Learn how to shoot a gun fast and accurately with step-by-step guidance.

The Basics

Read about and learn the fundamentals and terms you should know!


Learn how to buy, build, set up, and upgrade AR-15s.

Concealed Carry

Read about concealed carry tactics, gear, laws, considerations, and more.

Competition Shooting

Competitive Shooting

Interested in shooting sports? Our competition shooting guides cover everything you need to know.


Learn how to train and practice effectively and efficiently with our guides and shooting drills.


Looking for survival and prepping tips and tricks? Our guides cover everything you need to know.


Recent Articles


Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones better.

Ammo & Reloading

Want more information on different types of ammunition, ballistics, and reloading? Look no further.