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Classes Offered

All shooting classes and tactical training below are Open Enrollment classes, i.e., they are open to the public. Interested in hosting a class in your area, contact us here for more information. If you have any questions, please call us at 619-323-6259.

Tactical pistol & Carbine 1

A 2-day fundamentals class meant for beginners and students who have never taken a formal class.

Tactical pistol & Carbine 2

A 2-day class that builds on top of the skill sets learned in Tactical Pistol & Carbine 1.

Low Light Pistol

A 1-day class that teaches you about the power of light. You’ll learn how to use your light with your pistol the right way.

Low Light rifle

A 1-day class that teaches you about the power of light with your rifle. You’ll learn how to use your light with your rifle the right way.

Low light gunfighter

A 2-day intermediate class that teaches students to build accurate speed while on the move. The class takes place during the day and night.

tactical gunfighter

A once-in-a-year, 2-day advanced class that introduces students to working as a team to accomplish an objective.

Cheat Codes of Shooting™ 1

A 1-day class for all experience levels. This is our most popular pistol class where students see marked improvement in only a day.

Cheat Codes of Shooting™ 2

This 1-day class continues where the first one ends. You’ll learn more details not taught by many instructors–the details that make a huge difference.

practical performance shooting & movement

Our 1-day advanced pistol class focuses on movement and performance-enhancing techniques to improve speed and accuracy.

Force-on-Force 1

A 2-day scenario-based training class that introduced students to the reality of a deadly conflict and what it takes to survive.

Force-On-Force 2

A 2-day continuation of our first class. This class includes different scenarios with more aggressive role players.

Home Defense

A 1-day force-on-force class that takes place in a shoothouse where students can work home defense and low-light techniques.

CQB level 1

A 2-day advanced class that teaches students the foundational building blocks to room entry and dynamic movement in teams.

cqb level 2

A 2-day class that continues to build on top of the foundational skills learned in Level 1. More advanced team tactics will be taught.

cqb level 3

A 2-day class that adds more advanced shoothouse work with more complicated force-on-force scenarios to deal with as a team.

Precision rifle 1

A 2-day class that teaches you how to engage targets passed 1,000 yards correctly. No experience is necessary. We will guide you every step of the way.

precision rifle 2

A 2-day class that takes the foundational skill sets you’ve learned and teaches you how to apply them in more complex, advanced situations.