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Who Has Trained With TPC

Who Has Trained With TPC

What People Have To Say

"Rossen is hands down one of the best pistol instructors I've ever met in my life...If you want to take your pistol shooting to the next level, you need to get with Rossen."

Karl Erikson, Tactical Rifleman Team & Retired Green Beret

"Tactical Performance Center has completely changed the way that I shoot. There is nothing like this out there. Without TPC, I wouldn't be the performance shooter or instructor I am today."

Fred Ruiz, Former Navy SEAL, Competitive Shoter, & Firearms and Tactics Instructor

"I wish I had invested in a TPC handgun class far earlier in my progression as a shooter...After getting acquainted with the doctrine, I felt confident picking up any handgun and knew that I had the tools to guide myself to getting every last bit of performance out of the platform."

Max Leograndis, USPSA PCC Multiple Time National Champion & USPSA Grand Master