Free New Shooter's Online Course

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Are you a brand new shooter? If so, this course is meant for you. We cover the basics of gun operation, how to safely handle your weapon, the basics of pistol marksmanship, and a whole lot more!


Course Instructors


Coch was a Navy SEAL Operator for 24 years, spending 8 years as an assaulter and breacher on the U.S. Navy’s tier-one counter-terrorist unit (Naval Special Warfare Development Group).  

After retiring, he served as contract BUD/S instructor responsible for curriculum development and teaching the basics weapons course for all US Navy SEAL candidates. He has trained over 3,000 Navy SEAL candidates in Combat Shooting and marksmanship.


Myles is the founder of Tactical Hyve. As an avid gun enthusiast, he shoots often and regularly seeks the best instructors to learn from and train with throughout the United States.

In the past year, he has trained with over 48 of America's elite tactical experts, giving him a well-rounded skill set and exposure to many different techniques and tactics used by various military and law enforcement units.


Gordon is a retired Navy SEAL Chief with 20 years of experience. He specialized in weapons and explosives becoming an expert in a variety of handgun and rifle systems. In his deployments around the world, he was a primary weapons instructor to teach foreign Special Forces military.   

Over the past 10 years, he has taught well over 3000 BUD/S students as well as several hundred civilian and law enforcement shooters.

Get Lifetime Access to the New Shooter's Online Course

Enroll in the New Shooter's Online Course and get access to 9 modules and 39 video lessons. Course modules will be released over the course of 3-days. Upon signing up, you will be able to access Modules 1 to 4. On Day 2 at 5pm PST, you will receive modules 5 and 6. On Day 3 at 5pm PST, you will receive the last course modules, 7 to 9.

Module 1: Course Introduction

In this module, Myles welcomes you to the online course and explains the best way to use the course in combination with in-person training.  

Module 2: Firearm Basics

In this module, Coch talks about the rules of gun safety, what the most common types of guns are, and how guns and ammo work. Myles then talks about required equipment.

Module 3: Pistol Fundamentals

In Module 3, Myles talks about common pistol parts and terminology. Then, Coch takes over and dives deeper into how different semi-automatic pistols and revolvers work.

Module 4: How to Shoot a Pistol

Coch and Gordo discuss how to load your weapon, make it clear and safe, and they teach you the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship.

Module 5: Heading to the Range

Now that you have the fundamentals, you're ready to practice at the range. Here, Myles talks about range rules, commands, etiquette, and training tips.

Module 6: Caliber, Pistol & Ammo Selection

In Module 6, Myles talks about common pistol calibers, recommended pistols for beginners, ammo selection, and gun store etiquette.  

Module 7: Cleaning & Accessories

In this module, Myles talks about how to clean your pistol, different gun accessories, and storing your weapon.  

Module 8: Improving Your Skills

In this module, Coch talks about how to shoot better, live-fire drills, and common mistakes new shooters make. Myles discusses the importance of dry fire practice.

Module 9: The Next Level

Myles wraps up the New Shooter's Course by giving his recommendations on what to do to continually improve your pistol skills.