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Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 Hearing Protection Review

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Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 Review

I have been using noise-canceling headphones for hearing protection for the better part of twenty years now.

From the training range to combat operations overseas, electronic hearing protection with active noise cancellation has been a mainstay in my professional life.

During that time, I have used enhanced hearing protection radio headsets as well as stand-alone hearing protection muffs with electronic hearing protection that provides active noise reduction to the user.

I received the Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 hearing protection headset a few months for testing. Let’s see how it performed…

What is the Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 Headset?

The Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 hearing protection headset is designed to be the next generation of multi-mode hearing protection for end-user type professionals.

Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 expanded
Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 collapsed

These end users include law enforcement and military units that require hearing protection from gunfire and other dangerous impulse noise and advanced sound localization for maximum situational awareness and sound detection during operations.

Civilians looking to get into electronic active noise cancellation systems need not look any further for an industry-leading sound localization headset.

Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 Features

  • Revolutionary, multi-mode electronics package that provides active noise reduction and active noise cancelation simultaneously

  • Dual battery type speed change compartment (either two AAA batteries or a single CR123 battery)

  • Firmware updatable electronics

  • Three hearing protection modes to choose from.

  • 160-300 hour run time (mode dependent)

  • ANSI Certified Noise Reduction Rating of 26dB

  • Available in three wearable configurations over the head, behind-the-head, and helmet-mounted

  • Automatic battery saver mode designed to save battery power for longer service life

  • Made in the USA

Headset Color and Configuration Options

Three Wearable Configurations

  1. Behind the Head

  2. Over the Head

  3. Helmet Mount Assembly

Two Button Color Options

  1. Black

  2. Red

Seven Available Colors

  1. Black

  2. Flat Dark Earth Brown

  3. MultiCam

  4. MultiCam Black

  5. MultiCam Tropic

  6. OD Green

  7. Orange Camo

Audio Quality

Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 mics

I have found that the Safariland Liberator HP ear muffs provide clear audio, sound detection, and constant background audio quality needed to maintain maximum situational awareness while training.

As the owner of a firearms training business, I find teaching with standard hearing protection absolutely horrible. Being unable to hear nearby speech due to loud noises while on the range with a class is unacceptable.

Electronic ear protection is a must. I have found the Liberator HP to perform well on the range and believe it would be well-suited for any lead instructor teaching today.

The sound barrier technology and electronic noise compression ability of the Liberator HP provide enhanced hearing protection, as well as sound detection, all while enhancing nearby speech.

Three Hearing Protection Modes

Safariland Liberator HP controls

The Safariland Liberator HP headset provides three hearing protection modes. This kind of multimode adjustability is found in other offerings in the electric ear pro-market, but I have found that the Liberator HP has more to offer.

  • Mode one (or enhanced mode) is intended for tactical operations in high-noise environments. Here, the end users must be able to talk face-to-face, make comms, and (of course) maintain maximum situational awareness.
  • Mode two (or move mode) blocks all noise and is intended for use on aircraft or other mobile platforms that produce a high-level, steady state of noise.
  • Mode three (or external noise clarity mode) blocks all external noise while still enhancing speech and audio quality.

Wearable Configurations

Wearable Configurations

The Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 hearing protection headset comes in three wearable configurations: behind the head, over the head, and helmet mount assembly.

My headset came in the standard over-the-head configuration, which is most common for non-tactical use. As far as making content videos and teaching classes, I find this configuration to be the most convenient. I also find it to be extremely comfortable.

From what I can tell, this Safariland helmet mount system is similar to what I used in the service. The mount attaches directly to both the ear cups of the headset and the helmet-mounted rails.

In the past, I had only used the Peltor and Ops-Core brand helmet mount systems, and I was satisfied with their performance. This proprietary Safariland system will perform as well as the systems I used during my military service.

The behind-the-head assembly is something I am familiar with, as I have used it on the Sordin brand headsets. The configurations can be worn under the helmet or as a stand-alone giving it a hybrid quality compared to the other two configurations.

All three configurations can be purchased separately if you wish to use them. As far as I can tell, converting the headset is pretty user-friendly.

Battery Compartment and Options

Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 battery compartment

The battery compartment is located on the rear of the right side of the headset. The throw lever covers and holds the actual battery cover or door in place.

The Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 can run on a pair of AAA batteries or a single CR123, and both can be utilized in the same compartment. This offers a kind of dual-fuel system, which is pretty cool.

The battery saver mode will activate after 5 mins of non-use, which helps to conserve power so the headset lasts longer between battery replacements. Once you reach less than twenty hours of battery life, you will receive a low-power voice prompt every 15 minutes.

There is also a rechargeable battery version of the Liberator called the Liberator HPR. It utilizes a standard USB-C and holds up to sixty hours per charge.

Battery Installation

Build Quality

The build quality on the Safariland Liberator HP is quite impressive so far. It still performs as well as the day I took it out of the box. During long days of straight training on the range, the sound barrier technology provides exceptionally clear human speech isolation during live fire.

The proprietary high-definition speakers and great gel ear cups make every time I wear this system a joy.

The glass polymer construction is injection molded and made to be as scratch resistant and durable as possible.

Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 gel cups
Gel cups close up

I like the slim ear cups around the speaker enclosures. The gel cups provide a good seal around my ears, providing good protection from high-decibel hazards like gunfire.


The Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 has all the bells and whistles one could ever want, with industry-leading sound localization, sound detection, and hearing protection. But will it stand up to the test of time?

I have used the Liberator HP 2.0 on the range two to four days a week for a few months now, and I am confident that it will stand up to the test of time.

I have had and used Safariland products for two decades now, and this company is on a very short list of companies I consider to be producers of ultra-reliable equipment.

Every item from Safariland I’ve used has proved to have excellent durability compared to just about every other brand.

Communication Options

The Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 can be reconfigured into a comms-capable headset. For an additional charge, Safariland will convert your headset into a single or dual comm headset.

These single and dual comms configurations are known as the Liberator IV and V, respectively. Push-to-talk systems can be purchased separately by Safariland.

Safariland Liberator HP 2.0

The Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 offers professional-grade hearing protection and applications for professionals and serious enthusiasts. 

The lowest price we found is $210 at Brownells.

(Price accurate at the time of writing.)

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Final Thoughts

The Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 hearing protection system is a one-of-a-kind multi-mode headset. Overall, I am very impressed by the build quality and hearing protection so far.

Switching to different audio exclusion modes on the go gives the end user enhanced situational awareness and sound detection during live fire operations.

I am impressed with the Safariland Liberator HP 2.0 hearing protection headset and will also look into the Liberator IV and V comms capable offerings.

Check it out here.

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