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Tenicor ZERO Belt Review

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I’ve been carrying concealed for about four years, and there is hardly a day I don’t have my gun on me.

Because I carry all the time, having the most comfortable and reliable concealed carry belt is important.

I use Tenicor Holsters and they are simply the best concealed carry holsters for me. So when I got my hands on the ZERO Belt, I could not wait to put it through its paces.

I’ve used the Tenicor ZERO Belt daily for a year and can confidently say it is the best everyday carry (EDC) belt I’ve used–and I’ve tried many.

The belt is a 10 out of 10 in my book.

If you’re looking for a minimalist belt for concealed carry, the ZERO belt is an excellent choice.

Read more about my thoughts below after using the belt for a year.


The Tenicor ZERO Belt gets a 10 out of 10.

They are usually sold out, so if you see your size in stock, grab it before it’s gone!

What is the Tenicor ZERO Belt?

The Tenicor ZERO Belt is a 1.5-inch wide minimalist concealed carry belt that provides the optimal balance of flexibility and rigidity for all-day comfort and concealability.

The team at Tenicor partnered with Wilderness Tactical Products to create the belt because they wanted something discreet and durable while providing consistent performance. The other belt options in the market just didn’t make the cut for them.

I’m glad they did because the Tenicor ZERO Belt is so comfortable I forget I’m wearing it! They call it the ZERO belt because it feels like you’re not wearing anything.

The ZERO Belt features a single layer of their proprietary support webbing with a face webbing that makes a uniquely flexible and comfortable belt that is perfect in stiffness to support inside the waistband carry. 

In addition, the tail end of the belt is treated with Wilderness Tactical Products’ proprietary polymer, which soaks into the core of the nylon, protecting it from fraying.

The belt uses a small buckle with a unique fastener that secures the belt in place without the need for velcro or additional loops.

Technical Specs

  • ZERO Buckle
    • Hard black anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum per MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2
  • Belt Webbing
    • Face webbing: MIL-W-17337 nylon webbing
    • Support webbing: Wilderness Tactical Products proprietary webbing with polymer belt end protection.
    • 1.5-inch width

How the ZERO Belt Works

Typically with most belts, you place the belt’s tail through the inside of the buckle then the tail rests on the outside of the belt. The Tenicor ZERO belt is the complete opposite.

The belt’s tail gets fed into the buckle from the outside and then rests between the belt and the body.

This method helps create a camming motion and builds tension to hold the belt in place.

Adjusting the belt, tightening or loosening it, is a breeze and pretty ‘instinctual.’ Pull the tail of the belt to tighten, and push the tail in the direction it came from to loosen.

ZERO Belt Pros

After using the belt every day for a year, I have a very good feel for it and can give a good honest assessment of its performance and quality.


Unlike belts with notches or holes that you adhere to, you have complete flexibility with the ZERO belt. You can have the precise fit that you want around your waste because you’re not physically limited by any size adjustments.

The ZERO Belt does not have notches or excess material like the above.

Of course, you do need to pick the proper size belt for your waste. Speaking of sizes, Tenicor says to use your pant size for your belt size. If you wear an odd-numbered size, then Tencior recommends you size up to the next size.


As I mentioned above, Tenicor really did a great job creating a belt that combines comfort, concealability, and durability.

Most belts are either too stiff or too flimsy.

Stiff belts tend to be uncomfortable the longer you wear them during the day, and it’s less comfortable to bend your body. Thin, flimsy belts will shift and move along your waste, and worse, they won’t hold your gear in place.

On the other hand, The Tenicor ZERO Belt is the perfect combination. It’s a minimalist belt that doesn’t get in your way, but it still accomplishes what it’s supposed to do–hold your concealed carry gear securely and discreetly.


The belt itself is thinner than your traditional, stiff gun belt. If you wear clothing that covers the Tenicor ZERO Belt, it isn’t obvious that you’re wearing a belt, and it won’t snag on your clothing.

The buckle is small and flat–probably the most ‘covert’ buckle I’ve seen. It lies flat against your belt line and doesn’t print.

Unlike some belts where users will move their buckles off to the side to decrease printing, there’s no need to do that with the ZERO Belt.

The belt will hold your concealed carry gun and an extra mag pouch securely. I use a NeoMag to carry a spare mag in my pocket, but while testing the Tenicor ZERO Belt, I also carried an inside-the-waistband mag pouch.

Durability & Dependability

Not at one point did I encounter issues with my gear shifting or the belt ‘sagging’ in a way that would negatively affect the indexing of my gun when or magazine.

Keep in mind the ZERO belt is a minimalist belt. It isn’t designed to carry a ton of gear, so you shouldn’t expect it to do so if you get one. It is purpose-built for minimalist concealed carriers.

The belt’s material has held up very well, too. It’s advertised that a polymer coating is added to prevent any fraying, but in my experience, it doesn’t completely eliminate fraying–but it definitely decreases it.

After 1-year, there has been minimal fraying along the edges.

Regarding dependability, I was worried that the belt would come loose under extreme situations.

I used the belt when grappling, and it didn’t loosen and come off my waist. It stayed securely in place despite sparring at 100%.

I even did pull-ups with the belt by wrapping it around a bar and grabbing the belt, and it didn’t come loose.

Not only is the ZERO Belt durable, but you can also depend on it to stay secure.

Ease of Use

The belt is really simple and easy to use. There are no bulky buckles, clips, notches, or velcro.

All you need to do is thread the belt through the small buckle from the outside in, pull the belt tight to your liking, and that’s it.

The belt will remain in place, and you don’t have to worry about it loosening.

Tenicor ZERO Belt Cons

The ZERO Belts is the best concealed carry belt for me.

Despite that, there are two points that some people might comment about…

Firstly, because the belt is thinner than your normal, think gun belt, it may slightly ‘warp’ in shape. I’ve noticed even standard gun belts do this the longer you wear them.

This wasn’t an issue for me. Typically with all my concealed carry belts in the past, I will use the belt in one direction, for example, wrapping around my waist from left to right, for a month. The next month, I’ll do the opposite, i.e., wrap the belt around my waist from right to left.

By doing this, I cancel out any ‘warping’ that might occur.

Secondly, some people might comment about the price. It’s $79.00 and completely worth it to me.

However, looking at the belt, one might comment, “$79.00 for this?”

Someone might say that because it is a simple, minimalist design. All excess and non-essential materials have been removed to make it the ZERO belt that it is.

That is what you’re paying for–the simplicity combined with durability, dependability, and comfort.

Tenicor ZERO Belt Reviews in the Wild

On Tenicor’s website, the average customer rating for the belt is 5 Stars.

Other concealed carriers I know also love the belt. It isn’t uncommon to hear reviews like this:

“Believe the hype. This is now the only belt I will ever wear. Perfection.”

Customer Review

Watch My Video Review

Tenicor ZERO Belt Alternatives

There are a ton of concealed carry belt options in the market.

But as I said earlier, every belt I’ve tried is either too stiff and rigid or too thin and flimsy.

I haven’t seen or tried any other belt like the ZERO belt.

The buckle and the way it secures the belt are also one-of-a-kind.

The Tenicor ZERO Under Belt

Worth mentioning is a variation of the ZERO Belt–the Tenicor ZERO Under Belt.

If you take part in tactical training or if you’re a competitive shooter, you most likely wear an outer belt that velcros onto an inner belt system.

The Tenicor ZERO Under Belt solves a problem many concealed carriers have–switching belts whenever they are competing or undergoing tactical-style training.

With the ZERO Under Belt, you can use one under/inner belt for all of your shooting activities. You don’t have to swap belts.

I have a Tenicor ZERO Under Belt, too, and it’s sweet. It doesn’t seem like much, but I appreciate not having to swap my inner belts.

Final Thoughts

Ease of Use10

For concealed carriers who desire a combination of comfort and security, you can’t go wrong with the Tenicor ZERO Belt.

Tenicor really hit this one out of the ballpark.

Until something better comes along, this is my go-to concealed carry belt and inner belt when shooting competitively and when training tactically.

It does exactly what it was designed to do. It’s a minimalist concealed carry belt that you will forget you’re wearing because it’s so comfortable.

If you plan on getting one, if they have them in stock, make sure to grab one immediately! They usually sell out really fast, which says a lot about how much people like the belt.

Tenicor ZERO Belt

The Tenicor ZERO Belt gets a 10 out of 10.

They are usually sold out, so if you see your size in stock, grab it before it’s gone!

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