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[REVIEW] The Protector Symposium 2019

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The Protector Symposium

The Protector Symposium is a live event put on for protectors by protectors. It’s the brainchild of executive protection specialist, Byron Rodgers.

The goal of the event is to arm modern-day protectors of all types with tools that will help them identify threats before they become problems and deal with them in ways that keep the innocent safe and increase on-scene accountability.

Tactical Hyve attended the inaugural event in Tustin, CA on November 15 and 16.

There was a great turnout with a lot of valuable content shared among the speakers and attendees.

For the first event, there were three keynote speakers:

  • Mike Pannone covered Covert Carry Dynamics
  • Yousef Badou discussed situational awareness, specifically Behavioural Analysis and Pre-Threat Indicators
  • Ed Calderon talked about Counter Custody, i.e. Anti-Kidnapping

There was also a panel discussion on the second afternoon for general questions and answers.

We live in a world that needs more protectors. People who will protect those who cannot protect themselves.

We really like the mission behind The Protector Symposium and are looking forward to more from Byron and his team. We’ll be there to support the event and hope to see you there in the future, too.

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