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William “Billy” Leahy

William Leahy, who prefers to go by “Billy”, is a former U.S. Coast Guard with over 12 years of active duty under his belt, which included various military and law enforcement operations.

During his time with the Coast Guard, Billy spent more than 10 years in the Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) Unit, and Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT).

Most recently, he has spent the last 4 years assigned to the Special Mission Training Detachment (SMTD) at MSST San Diego/MSRT-West. While there, Bill was responsible for developing and executing training plans as the lead instructor for Close Quarters Combat, Sniper/Observer, Reconnaissance/Surveillance, Breaching, Defensive Tactics and various insertion methods that resulted in the establishment of MSRT-West in 2017.

Before instructing, Billy was assigned to MSRT-East for 7 years where he maintained qualifications as a Direct Action Section (DAS) Squad Leader and Sniper/Observer Squad Leader.

Along with these major accomplishments, Billy is a highly-qualified competitive sniper having won the 2017 US Army International Sniper Competition featured on the History channel placing 1st in service class and 3rd overall against 30 teams from around the world.

Billy’s experience as a former elite Coast Guard member, coupled with his precision with a rifle, makes him a valuable Subject Matter Expert at Tactical Hyve.