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Gordon Evans

Retired Navy SEAL Gordon Evans

Mr. Gordon Evans is a retired Navy SEAL Chief with 20 years of experience. He specialized in weapons and explosives becoming an expert in a variety of handgun and rifle systems. In his deployments around the world, he was a primary weapons instructor to teach foreign Special Forces military.

Mr. Evans is one of a very few competitors to achieve the status of being a double distinguished marksman achieving this status in both Service Rifle and Pistol competitions. As a BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL) instructor, he earned his Master training Specialist rating and has not stopped teaching since. Mr. Evans has been an RSO (Range Safety Officer) for Naval Special Warfare for over 35 years.

After retiring from the Navy he worked as a Blackwater contractor for the Department of State in Baghdad Iraq for over 5 years providing executive protection for State Department personnel. Mr. Evans has done it all in his over 600 operations. He has provided protection for high-ranking Congressional Delegations visiting Baghdad Iraq as well as Department of State personnel attending daily meetings. He qualified as a Department of State RSO (BFFOC) and for his last 6 months working as a Range Safety Officer to maintain the qualifications of over 600 fellow contractors.

For 10 years Mr. Evans worked as a contract firearms instructor for BUD/S training program. He was instrumental in developing a dynamic shooting curriculum that develops a brand new shooter from standing and shooting to an effective combat shooter.

He is the primary instructor for fundamentals of shooting on the M-4 rifle, Sig p226, Glock 19 pistols and belt feed weapons. Over the past 10 years, he has taught well over 3000 BUD/S students as well as several hundred civilian and law enforcement shooters.