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About Tactical Hyve

Tactical Hyve
Have You Ever Asked Yourself…
  • “What gun should I buy for self-defense?”
  • “How do I prepare myself for a life-threatening situation?”
  • “Where can I get the best tactical training?”
  • “What gear should I buy?”
  • “How do I shoot faster with more accuracy?”

If so, you’re in the right place…

Tactical Hyve is a thriving firearms and tactical training community built with a purpose:

To provide you with vetted connections to the best training, shooters, guns, and gear in the tactical and sport world.

There is so much information that it is overwhelming and difficult to know who to train with, what really works, and what products or services are good or bad.

Unlike other websites in the industry that will sell you hundreds of different things, we will only showcase training, instructors, guns, and gear we use and trust.

We’re dedicated to those in the industry who aim for greatness every day.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

William “Billy” Leahy

Former USCG MSRT Member & Precision Marksmanship Instructor

12 years of active duty with the U.S. Coast Guard with 10 of those years in the Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) Unit and Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT).

Chris “Dutch” Moyer

Retired 1st-SFOD-D Operator

31 years in the U.S. Army with experience with the 19th Special Forces Group, 1st/75th Ranger Battalion, and culminating with 14 years as a USASOC Operator.

Dave Steinbach

Retired Army Ranger

21 years in the U.S. Army, most of his time assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment and the US Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU).

Dorr Overby

Retired Navy SEAL

20 years with Naval Special Warfare experience ranging from Special Warfare Operator, Lead Sniper, Lead Breacher, Communicator, Range Officer in Charge (OIC), and close quarters battle (CQB) and Weapons Instructor.

Joe Farewell

Former SWAT Member & Professional Competition Shooter

7 years of law enforcement and SWAT experience. Currently a full time competitive and tactical firearms instructor, and a National 3-Gun Champion.

Mark “Coch” Cochiolo

Retired Navy SEAL

30 years of Naval Special Warfare experience, 24 of those years as an Operator, spending eight of those years as an assaulter and breacher on the US Navy’s tier one counter-terrorist unit 

Toshiro “Tosh” Carrington

Retired Navy SEAL

25 years of Naval Special Warfare
(NSW) SEAL Team experience, having successfully led high-risk combat operations and trained hundreds of U.S. Navy SEALs and foreign counterpart commandos.

Our Story

Let’s shed the pretenses.

We’re not the one-size-fits-all shooting website you’ve visited hundreds of times before.

At Tactical Hyve, we have high standards.

We only recommend the products and services we use to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

These are the same products and services used by our country’s best.

You may be wondering how we got here.

Our founder, Myles, always wanted to enlist in the military. It was such a strong desire that he felt he must have been a soldier in another life (coincidentally, Myles means soldier in Latin).

Military enlistment wasn’t in the cards for young Myles, but his passion endured.

In high school, Myles dabbled in sport shooting and developed a passion for mixed martial arts. He started several successful martial arts schools and competed professionally before attending law and business school.

Vives brothers BJJ and MMA
Myles with his brothers Mike and Mark.

Fast forward over a decade, and Myles was expecting his first child.

That’s when his protective instincts began to kick in. Myles’s passion for shooting returned, but it was for more than just sport. His number one goal was to be able to protect himself and his family.

Myles restarted his shooting journey, scouring the Internet for information and answers on training and equipment and attending various shooting workshops to improve his skills.

But some stuff didn’t make sense.

Myles quickly noticed inconsistencies among the instructors he trained with. And whenever he searched the internet for answers, the results were even more conflicting (and confusing).

There is no shortage of opinions in the industry.

Here he was with all this time and money invested in training and gear – yet he couldn’t get straight or consistent answers to simple questions.

Frustrated, Myles decided it was time to train with members of law enforcement and the military with real combat experience and the best shooters in the world–professional sports shooters.

Now, through Tactical Hyve, Myles wants to share their experience and expertise with you.

If you are a competitive shooter, you’ll catch him at major matches across the nation.

Enter Navy SEAL Dorr Overby
Dorr and Myles

When Myles came up with the idea of Tactical Hyve, he had everything he needed to create and grow the brand: the vision, the website, the forum (which was canned), and content writers, and he was already searching for a videographer.

Everything was ready to go, except for one ‘small’ thing. He needed an advisor.

He knew absolutely nothing about the tactical world, yet, he was dead set on starting a ‘tactical’ company!

Myles got lucky…He started training with a specialist in weapons, CQB, and breaching, who is responsible for revamping the close-quarters pistol and carbine program for the West Coast SEAL teams, Dorr.

Myles pitched the idea of Tactical Hyve to Dorr, and, eventually, Dorr agreed to come on board as Co-Founder of the company.

Dorr is also our Director of Training and part of our Subject Matter Expert cadre.