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Toshiro “Tosh” Carrington

“Tosh” is a disabled veteran (left-hand amputee) with 25 years of Naval Special Warfare (NSW) SEAL Team. Tosh began his military career as a Marine, but a chance encounter with a SEAL caused him to transfer to the Navy.

In his time in the SEAL Teams, he was a point man, lead sniper, a corpsman, and Platoon Chief. He has five combat deployments, successfully leading several high-risk combat operations and training hundreds of U.S. Navy SEALs and foreign counterpart commandos in covert and overt unconventional operations.

Currently, “Tosh” is a Private Patrol Operator and Licensed Private Investigator in the state of California, and he is the President and owner of Strategic Operations Skills Training LLC and Director of Training of Strategic Ops Security and Investigative Services.

“Tosh” also volunteers his time with Saved in America, a non-profit organization helping locate missing, runaway, and exploited children.