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The Best Pistol Class in the Firearms Industry

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To go directly to the free videos series mentioned in the video, head to: https://tacticalhyve.com/tpc-video-series.

Today, I want to address a question I get asked every week…

If you’ve been following us for a while, you already know that we’ve been on a quest to find the best instructors and training to connect you, with them.

After two years, I’ve now trained with over 90 different instructors, many of them recognized names that you know.

People ask me all the time, who’s the best instructor I’ve trained with, or what’s the best class I’ve taken.

It’s difficult for me to answer that question because it depends on what kind of class one is interested in…Are we talking about the best class for beginners, intermediate, or advanced shooters? Are we talking about shooting, tactics, or both?

I just never attended a class that I felt was truly great for every shooter…

Enter Tactical Performance Center

Well, that was until June of 2020 when I attended Tactical Performance Center’s Handgun Mastery Class.

One of Tactical Hyve’s Subject Matter Experts, Navy SEAL Fred Ruiz, recommended I take their class and train with Rossen, Tactical Performance Center’s Director of Training.

To say I was impressed with the class and their system is an understatement.

Their Handgun Mastery 1 class, is without a doubt, the best overall pistol marksmanship class I’ve taken.

A Class Truly for Everyone

It is truly a class for everyone, from beginners to grandmaster pistol shooters, they will all get something out of it. Even other firearms instructors leave with a ton of value from the class.

Since that first class, I’ve taken their Handgun Mastery 2 class and I’ve trained with Rossen, their Director of Training, privately on seven different occasions.

It’s amazing to see the eyes of students who take a TPC class because a lot of the material is mind-blowing and unique.

Sharing TPC with the World

When I learned that many people aren’t familiar with TPC and their handgun mastery course and that there are a lot of instructors who have copied their system without giving any credit, I promised Rossen we’d help TPC get the credit it deserves.

That’s what Tactical Hyve is about–sharing the best with you.

They have a really amazing shooting system that every shooter needs to know about…

Free 3-Day Video Series

I’m happy to announce Rossen has decided to share the key components of their system with you in a 3-day online video series, all for free.

It’s called Reactive Shooting Science, and you can sign up to watch the series here.

It’s free and if you own a pistol, no matter what skill level you are, you really ought to watch the series.

Just from three short videos, you’ll learn why the name of their course, Handgun Mastery, is the perfect name and you’ll learn new things you can implement right away.

If you’re ready to have your eyes opened as I did, check out the series here.

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Myles is the Founder of Tactical Hyve, a competitive shooter, and a life-long student of all things dealing with the tactical and self-defense worlds.

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  1. Once you learn basic firearm safety, Handgun Mastery should be the first class you take. It gives you everything you need to start becoming your own shooting coach. It’s a roadmap to shooting success. Glad somebody finally agrees with me. It’s long overdue.


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