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Best Dry Fire Training Systems, Laser Ammo, and Laser Targets

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If you’ve been shooting for a while, you’ve probably heard the best shooters talk about dry-fire training.

Dry fire training is a practice technique that simulates shooting and manipulating a firearm without using live ammunition. Instead, shooters use an unloaded gun to safely practice their shooting skills virtually anywhere without the expense, noise, and hazards associated with using live rounds.

Dry fire training is important for gun enthusiasts because it helps them become more comfortable, confident, and competent with their firearms while developing ‘muscle memory’ and refining their skills. Those who dry fire often see a dramatic improvement in accuracy, faster shooting speeds, and better overall performance in real-world shooting scenarios.

While many agree dry fire practice is an essential component of any training regimen, many people find dry fire training boring. Shooters rather shoot for live ammo at a range.

Dry Fire Training

This is where dry fire training systems come into the picture.

They can make dry fire practice more efficient, effective, and fun, by providing realistic simulations, immediate feedback, and a wider variety of training scenarios than just using an unloaded gun.

Shooting is a perishable skill, so making dry practice enjoyable helps encourage people to continue practicing.

We’ve used all of the major dry fire training systems in the market, which we’ll be sharing with you later in this article.

But, let’s start with the best dry fire training systems based on our extensive testing.

Let’s get to it…

Top 10 Dry Fire Training Systems You Need to Try

We’ve tried every major dry-fire training tool on the market, and our cadre thinks the following training aids are the best overall.

Each product has its pros and cons that address one or more specific skill sets. Not one product on the market does it all, but each one will help make you a better shooter.

That said, before getting to the list, here are our recommendations based on common use cases and categories:

Now, here’s the list of the best dry fire training systems with their key features and benefits.

  1. Mantis X10 Elite

    The Mantis X10 Elite is one of the best dry-fire training tools on the market, used by many of the best shooters in the world. I first learned about it from World Champion shooter JJ Racaza.

    Based on his recommendation, I tried it, and it's a great training aid!

    The Mantis X10 Elite is a sensor that mounts to standard slotted, Picatinny accessory rails or adaptors. It collects thousands of data points per second, analyzing your shooting in real-time.

    X10’s sensor can detect all movements, even those invisible to the human eye. This is the greatest benefit and why I think it’s perfect for diagnosing grip and trigger manipulation problems.

    We recommended it to everyone!

    • Great diagnostic tool
    • Works with dry fire and live fire
    • Great app with a lot of drills and tips
    • Small size that can be taken anywhere
    • Train with others using the app
    • Cannot track rapid fire shots well
    • Cost is relatively high (but worth it)
    • So small you might lose it
    Buy Now At Mantis Read Our Review
  2. Mantis Blackbeard X

    If you shoot AR-15s, this is an absolute must-buy for dry fire training. The Mantis Blackbeard X is a dry-fire training system that emits a laser, automatically resets your AR-15 trigger after each shot, and has a Mantis X sensor built into the magazine/battery pack.

    It doesn’t replace live-fire rifle training, but it is an excellent substitute.

    The visible laser gives you immediate visual feedback about your accuracy.

    The automatic resetting trigger allows you to run your rifle quickly, master your trigger control, and enjoy your practice sessions much more.

    The built-in sensor allows you to analyze your shooting like no other training tool on the market.

    • Automatically resets your trigger
    • Trigger squeeze and reset feel the same as shooing live ammo
    • Simple to install and disassemble
    • Battery lasts for a long time
    • Makes dry fire training fun!
    • Battery takes a long time to charge
    • Cost is relatively high (but well worth it)
    • Laser can be difficult to see depending on lighting conditions and distance to your target
    Buy Now At Mantis Read Our Review
  3. Laser Ammo Interactive Multi Target Training System (i-MTTS)

    I have been using these reactive laser targets for years. They were one of the first dry fire training tools I ever purchased, and I still use them today!

    These targets by Laser Ammo allow you to bring the range wherever you are. You can set up the targets any way you like, and when you shoot them with a red or IR laser, they make a sound, light up, or do both (it's your choice).

    The system controller keeps track of your hits, total time, and split times. The system also allows you to choose different training programs to make training fun.

    This particular kit comes with five targets, which is more than enough to create a course of fire that will keep you busy.

    • Includes multiple target types and sizes
    • System controller tracks score and times
    • Arrange any course of fire you'd like
    • Easy to take with you anywhere you go
    • A red or IR laser firearm is required
    • Bright lighting conditions can make it difficult to see the visual hit signal
    • When using a recoil enabled laser gun, the sound of the blowback can overpower the audible hit signal
    Buy At Laser Ammo Buy At Amazon
  4. DryFireMag: Automatic Trigger Resetting Magazine

    The DryFireMag is a dry fire magazine that uses your gun to provide audible and tactile trigger simulation, making your dry fire practice feel like you’re squeezing your trigger for real.

    It's simple to install and use, yet it provides a lot of training value. It allows you to focus on trigger control: taking up the slack of your trigger, breaking the shot, and resetting your trigger for follow-up shots.

    It's trigger press can be adjusted to match the travel and weight of your gun's trigger (though spring kits to make weight adjustments are not available for all models, yet).

    It is also compatible with the Mantis X10 Elite sensor and they have a model that shoots a laser as well (but this is often sold out).

    • Great tool for trigger control
    • Improves shooting accuracy and speed
    • Adjustable trigger pull options
    • Simple to use
    • Compatible with the Mantis X10 Elite sensor
    • Cannot practice magazine changes
    • Not available for every major make and model pistol
    • Spring kits are not available for every model
    Buy At DryFireMag Read Our Review
  5. Next Level Training SIRT Pistols

    You'll need a laser pistol if you want to use a laser during your dry-fire training. You can buy laser cartridges to insert into your barrel that will fire a laser with every trigger squeeze, but to use them, you need to rack your slide for each shot.

    A dedicated laser pistol allows you to take multiple shots without having to rack your slide all the time. They also come with a weighted magazine to practice mag changes.

    SIRT Pistols are an excellent option for new shooters and beginners. It's straightforward to use and requires low maintenance.

    They have different models that mimic the designs of real firearms; however, the designs are slightly different from real guns on the market.

    Despite this, they provide shooters with a great way to work on their fundamentals, such as trigger press, sight picture, and sight alignment.

    Note: SIRT Pistol lasers no longer work with the i-MTTS reactive targets on our top 10 list.

    • Great for novice shooters
    • Do not have to rack slide after each shot
    • Simple to use and low maintenance
    • Can practice magazine changes
    • Designs are inspired by, but do not exactly match, real firearms
    • No recoil system
    • SIRT pistol lasers may not work with all laser targets
    Buy Now At Brownells Buy Now At Primary Arms
  6. Laser Ammo Recoil Enabled Training Firearms

    While the SIRT Pistol is excellent, you might want something more realistic. Shortly after using the SIRT Pistol, I graduated to recoil-enabled dry fire pistols.

    Laser Ammo's recoil-enabled pistols are exact airsoft replicas of real firearms that have been converted to shoot a laser with every trigger squeeze.

    The design and weight will match your real, stock firearm.

    Because they are airsoft pistols, you get the added benefit of a blowback system that simulates recoil, something the SIRT Pistol cannot do.

    While Laser Ammo's laser training pistols are better than the SIRT Pistol, you cannot work magazine changes.

    • Blowback system that simulates recoil
    • IR, green, or red laser options
    • Matches the design and feel of real firearms
    • Pistols can be converted to shoot airsoft BBs for realistic force-on-force training
    • Laser is compatible with all reactive laser targets (at the time of this article)
    • Cannot work magazine changes
    • Cost is relatively high, but can be used for dry-fire and force-on-force training
    • CO2 or Green Gas must be replaced every 40-60 shots
    • Can be loud because of the blowback system
    Buy Now at Laser Ammo Buy Now at Amazon
  7. CoolFire Trainer

    If you prefer using your own firearm when practicing but still want simulated recoil, the CoolFire Trainer is a great option. It's one of the first dry fire training systems I used when I started.

    It is a unique system that includes a drop-in replacement barrel and recoil spring assembly that uses compressed CO2 gas to simulate the recoil of a live round, providing a more realistic and practical dry-fire training experience.

    The CoolFire Trainer has an optional laser system that, when installed, emits a laser pulse when the trigger is squeezed. This allows you to see the point of impact on a target, providing immediate feedback on your accuracy and helping you fine-tune your shooting skills.

    The system is easy to install and remove from your firearm, allowing you to switch between live and dry training sessions without hassle.

    It is available for many popular handgun models, including Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, and more.

    • Simulates recoil
    • Option to add a laser
    • Ability to use your own firearm
    • Compatible with many brands
    • Easy installation
    • Initial cost
    • Potential wear and tear of your firearm's components
    • Refilling the CO2 cylinder can be inconvenient
    • CO2 must be kept 'warm' for optimal performance
    Buy Now at CoolFire Buy Now at Optics Planet
  8. Mantis Laser Academy Training Kit

    I wish I had this product when I was brand new. I think it's great for bigger to intermediate shooters.

    It is an interactive dry-fire training system that combines the convenience of a smartphone app with laser training cartridges and various target options, providing real-time feedback and analysis to enhance your practice sessions.

    It tracks and analyzes your shot placements, providing instant feedback on accuracy, speed, and performance.

    This allows you to identify areas for improvement and adjust your technique. The smartphone app also provides detailed analysis and data visualization to help you track your progress over time.

    The Mantis Laser Academy app includes a variety of customizable training drills designed to improve specific shooting skills, such as accuracy, trigger control, and speed. Users can tailor their practice sessions to focus on the skills they want to develop.

    It is an excellent alternative to shooting live rounds at your typical one-lane indoor shooting range.

    • Use any red or green laser training cartridge or laser firearm
    • Real-time feedback
    • Customizable training drills
    • Interactive targets
    • Safe, convenient, and portable
    • Save money on range fees and ammo
    • Not compatible with IR lasers
    • No recoil simulation (unless you use a recoil enabled pistol)
    • May not work well outdoors
    • Smartphone mobile device required
    Buy Now at Mantis Buy Now at Amazon
  9. Laser Ammo Smokeless Range 2.0

    If you have the space and the budget, I highly recommend investing in Laser Ammo's Smokeless Range 2.0, specifically the Diamond Simulator package.

    The Smokeless Range is a marksmanship and judgmental simulator for home, office or professional use. It is one of the best dry-fire training tools to train for the use of force, concealed carry, personal protection, and police qualifications. It is also a fantastic tool for competitive shooters to train for USPSA, IPSC, Steel Challenge, and more.

    You can transform your home or other indoor space into a virtual shooting range by combining a laptop and projector with their software, a high-speed camera (which they provide), and laser pistols.

    The simulator's software offers various shooting scenarios, targets, and drills, including static and moving targets, timed shooting challenges, and marksmanship exercises. The software also provides detailed analysis and data visualization, helping you track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

    I love it; it makes practice fun and much more realistic. It's great for new shooters, seasoned shooters, and even professional competitive shooters.

    • Many shooting programs, drills, and exercises
    • A lot of fun to use alone or with others
    • Realistic scenarios that required quick decision making
    • Customizable training programs
    • Expensive initial investment
    • A projector, laptop, and screen are required
    • If you use laser enabled airsoft pistols, it can get loud indoors
    • Takes some time to set up properly
    Buy Now At Laser Ammo Buy Now At Amazon
  10. Dummy Rounds

    Dummy rounds are among the most high-value items you can buy for dry and live fire.

    They are great for beginners working on gun handling drills and malfunction drills. They also are great for diagnosing shooting problems, like anticipation, when combined with live ammo during a life fire practice session.

    If you reload, you can make your dummy rounds match the actual weight of the ammo you carry. All you need to do is forego adding gunpowder and primers.

    By doing this, you can make your holster draws and reloads more realistic.

    They are very affordable, too. The benefits outweigh the costs by far.

    • High-value training product
    • Inexpensive
    • Can use them during dry and live fire
    • Easy to lose them. Good thing they aren't expensive!
    • Plastic dummy rounds are really light and do not match the weight of real ammo
    Buy Now At Brownells Buy Now At Amazon
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How Laser-Based Dry Fire Training Systems Can Improve Your Shooting Skills

Laser Based Training

In our top 10 list, you’ll find quite a few laser-based dry-fire training systems.

They use a laser-emitting cartridge or a laser integrated into a dedicated training gun. When the trigger is squeezed, the laser device emits a brief red, green, or IR laser beam. This laser beam simulates the path of a real bullet and provides instant visual feedback on shot placement and accuracy.

There are two main parts to a common laser-based dry-fire training system:

  1. Laser Cartridge or Training Gun: The laser cartridge is a small device inserted into a real firearm’s chamber or attached to the end of specific training gun barrels. Alternatively, some systems use dedicated training guns with integrated lasers, often replicating real firearms’ size, weight, and feel for a more realistic experience.
  2. Target or Sensor System: The target can be a simple paper target, reflective stickers, or an electronic sensor system that detects the laser beam when it hits. Some electronic sensor systems can connect to a computer, smartphone, or tablet and use special software to track shot placement, timing, and other performance metrics, providing detailed feedback to the user.

Advantages of Using a Laser-Based Dry-Fire Training System

  • Safety: Laser-based systems provide a safe way to practice shooting skills without risking accidental discharge or injury because they don’t shoot a projectile.

  • Cost-Effective: Practicing with a laser-based system eliminates the need for purchasing live ammunition, which can be expensive, making it a more cost-effective alternative to live fire training.

  • Convenience: Laser-based training systems can be used in various indoor settings, allowing gun owners to practice their shooting skills anytime and anywhere without needing a shooting range.

  • Realistic Simulation: Many laser-based systems replicate the size, weight, and feel of real firearms, providing a realistic experience.

  • Immediate Feedback: Laser-based systems offer instant visual feedback on shot placement, helping shooters identify areas for improvement. Some systems also provide additional performance metrics through connected software.

  • Versatility: Laser-based systems can be used with various firearms and in various training scenarios.

Disadvantages of Using a Laser-Based Dry-Fire Training System

  • Lack of Recoil: Most laser-based systems do not simulate the recoil experienced when firing live ammunition, which may limit the development of specific shooting skills that require managing recoil effectively.

  • Initial Cost: While laser-based systems save money on ammunition in the long run, they can have a higher upfront cost than just using an unloaded gun for dry fire practice.

  • Compatibility: Some laser cartridges are designed for specific calibers, meaning users with multiple firearms may need to purchase different laser cartridges or adapters to practice with each gun. In addition, some laser cartridges may not work with specific laser targets.

  • Technical Issues: Electronic sensor systems and related software may occasionally experience technical issues or glitches, which could impact training sessions.

Great Laser Pistol for Beginners

When it comes to laser-based training systems, we recommend the SIRT Pistol for newer shooters who do not need simulated recoil.

If you want simulated recoil, scroll down for our recommendations.

Great Laser Pistol for Beginners

When it comes to laser-based training systems, we recommend the SIRT Pistol for newer shooters who do not need simulated recoil.

If you want simulated recoil, scroll down for our recommendations.

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Improve Your Shooting Accuracy with These Computer-Based Dry Fire Training Systems

Mantis X10 Elite sensor

As referenced in the previous section, some laser training systems work with specialized software applications. Combined with laser-emitting devices or sensors, these applications are computer-based dry-fire training systems that provide detailed feedback on your shooting performance.

Computer-based dry-fire training tools fall into two major categories.

  1. Laser Cartridges or Training Guns Combined with Camera System Software: As discussed above, when a shooter fires a laser beam from a laser cartridge or laser training gun, a computer or smartphone captures the laser’s impact point on a target. The camera system sends the captured data to a connected computer, smartphone, or tablet running specialized dry-fire training software. This software processes the data, tracks shot placement, timing, and other performance metrics, providing real-time feedback to the shooter.
  2. Sensors Attached to Firearms: Another option uses sensors attached to a firearm that detect the movement of a gun, such as with the Mantis X10 Elite. Sensors collect hundreds, if not thousands, of data points, which computer software analyzes. The software offers various features for analysis, such as displaying shot groupings, calculating accuracy scores, and identifying patterns or areas for improvement. Users can track their progress over time and adjust their training routine based on the feedback provided by the software.

Advantages of Computer-Based Dry-Fire Training Systems

Like laser-based systems, computer-based dry-fire tools offer safety, cost-effectiveness, convenience, real-time feedback, and versatility.

Beyond that, computer-based dry-fire systems provide more detailed analysis and feedback on performance.

Moreover, they provide better progress-tracking features. Shooters can track their progress over time, allowing them to analyze their performance and improvement trends.

Lastly, several software applications will provide you with specific pointers based on areas you need to improve, sometimes offering video instruction, too.

Disadvantages of Computer-Based Dry-Fire Training Systems

Dry-fire training systems, like laser-based tools, can have a high initial cost, lack recoil, and may have compatibility and technical issues.

In addition, there can be a learning curve to using software. Some shooters may find setting up and using a computer-based system challenging, especially if they are not tech-savvy.

Top Computer-Based Pick (Pistol)
Top Computer-Based Pick (Rifle)

You can't go wrong with the Mantis X10 Elite sensor. It is a fantastic training tool for all skill levels that can be used during dry or live fire.


With an integrated Mantis X sensor, the Blackbeard X is the ultimate AR-15 dry-fire system. It will automatically reset your trigger and emit a red, green, or IR laser with every trigger squeeze.

Top Computer-Based Pick (Pistol)

You can't go wrong with the Mantis X10 Elite sensor. It is a fantastic training tool for all skill levels that can be used during dry or live fire.

Top Computer-Based Pick (Rifle)

With an integrated Mantis X sensor, the Blackbeard X is the ultimate AR-15 dry-fire system. It will automatically reset your trigger and emit a red, green, or IR laser with every trigger squeeze.

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Recoil Systems: The Secret Weapon for Effective Dry Fire Training

Recoil enabled laser pistols

If you’re serious about firearms training and dry fire, you’ll likely use a recoil-enabled dry fire pistol at some point.

They function a lot like laser pistols, but they also simulate the recoil of a real firearm during dry-fire training, providing a more realistic experience and helping users develop the necessary skills to manage recoil effectively. These systems can either be standalone training guns or attachments that can be added to a real firearm.

Typically, the recoil simulation mechanism relies on compressed gas, such as CO2 or gas, that creates a force that pushes the slide backward, mimicking the recoil experienced during live fire.

Airsoft pistols that have been converted to shoot a laser with every trigger pull are the most common option in the market. They are replicas of real firearms in design and weight, so everything will feel the same when you practice while saving your actual firearm from wear and tear. We like and recommend Laser Ammo’s Recoil Enabled Pistols.

If you want to use your own pistol instead of an airsoft pistol, a great option is the Cool Fire Trainer. It replaces your live fire barrel inside your real pistol, and each trigger squeeze will activate a CO2-powered mechanism to cycle your pistol’s slide and provide recoil (while emitting a laser with each shot).

Advantages of Recoil Systems

The big advantage is the ability to simulate recoil.

One of the challenges to proper dry fire training, in general, is for shooters to use the same technique and grip pressures they would when firing a real gun with live ammo.

When a shooter fires live ammo, they tend to grip harder because of the little explosion in their hands. This is needed to help control the gun.

For the average shooter, during dry fire drills, they may not have a proper grip. They likely aren’t gripping their gun hard enough with the same consistent pressure applied during live fire, which can engrain bad habits during one’s dry fire session.

Using a recoil-enabled pistol will provide some blowback, reminding the shooter to grip their gun as if using a real gun.

In addition, the simulated recoil will make one’s sights or red dot lift/move as if they were shooting live ammo. The shooter must learn to manage this blowback so that their sights return to their target efficiently and effectively, so they can take follow-up shots quickly.

Lastly, recoil systems allow users to practice their trigger control, specifically resetting and prepping their triggers as they would during live fire.

Disadvantages of Recoil Systems

Although recoil-enabled dry-fire pistols provide blowback, the recoil does not match the amount of force applied by ‘real’ recoil.

The recoil impulse from compressed gas is better than nothing and serves as a reminder to grip a firearm properly, but shooters must understand that they need to invest ample time in shooting live ammo to learn how to manage recoil.

Another disadvantage is that any training tool that uses compress gas to simulate recoil must be ‘kept warm’ to use for long periods of time.

For example, airsoft pistols typically use magazines filled with green gas. Initially, a shooter might be able to take 50 to 60 rapid-fire shots before having to refill the magazine.

When one refills the magazine with green gas, they’ll notice it’s cold. The colder the magazine, or wherever compressed gas is being stored, the fewer shots one will be able to take before having to refill the gas again.

Highly Recommended
Highly Recommended

If you prefer using your own firearm when practicing but still want simulated recoil, we recommend the CoolFire Trainer.


If you prefer to save your gun from wear and tear and want to use a dedicated training gun, go with Laser Ammo's Recoil Enabled Pistols.

Highly Recommended

If you prefer using your own firearm when practicing but still want simulated recoil, we recommend the CoolFire Trainer.

Highly Recommended

If you prefer to save your gun from wear and tear and want to use a dedicated training gun, go with Laser Ammo's Recoil Enabled Pistols.

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Specialized Training Tools That Will Take Your Shooting Skills to the Next Level

Specialized dry-fire training tools are designed to help gun enthusiasts improve specific shooting skills and techniques without using live ammunition. These tools can be used independently or with other dry-fire training systems to enhance the overall training experience.

While some specialized training tools overlap with the preceding categories, specialized tools can offer more focused and in-depth training around a specific skill set or skill sets.

There are several dry fire training systems in our top 10 list above that fall into this category that we highly recommend, namely:

Are Dry Fire Systems Worth It?

You’re reading this article because you likely understand the value of dry-fire practice. But, you might wonder if these training aids are worth the money.

Dry fire training systems offer many benefits for shooters looking to improve their skills and maintain proficiency without using live ammunition. Here are some of the key features and benefits:

  1. Safe Practice: Dry fire training eliminates the need for live ammunition, allowing you to practice shooting skills safely at home or in other non-range environments without the risk of accidental discharge or injury.

  2. Cost Savings: Dry fire training systems do not require live ammunition, which can be expensive, especially for regular practice sessions. By eliminating this expense, you can save money while still honing your skills.

  3. Convenience: With dry fire training systems, you can practice at your own pace and in the comfort of your home or any suitable space. This eliminates the need to travel to a shooting range and allows for more flexible practice sessions.

  4. Real-time Feedback: Many dry-fire training systems provide instant feedback on shot placement, accuracy, and speed, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and adjust your technique more effectively than with traditional dry-fire practice.

  5. Customizable Training: Dry fire training systems often include a variety of drills and scenarios designed to improve specific shooting skills. This allows users to tailor their practice sessions to focus on the skills they want to develop.

  6. Eco-friendly: Since dry fire training systems do not use live ammunition, they are an environmentally friendly option for practicing shooting skills, reducing lead pollution and waste associated with spent casings.

  7. Reduced Wear and Tear: Dry fire training typically causes less wear and tear on your firearm compared to live-fire training. This can help extend the life of your firearm and reduce maintenance costs. For example, when using recoil-enabled pistols, I prefer using airsoft replicas such as those from Laser Ammo.

Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Dry Fire Practice

Whether or not you use any of the products on our list or just an unloaded firearm when dry firing, keep these tips in mind to make the most out of your practice sessions.

  1. Have a plan: Before starting your dry fire practice, determine what specific skills you want to focus on, such as trigger control, drawing from a holster, or target transitions. Having clear goals will help you concentrate on the areas that need improvement.

  2. Create a dedicated practice space: Designate a specific area in your home or another indoor location for dry fire training. Ensure it’s free from distractions and has enough space for you to perform various drills comfortably.

  3. Use a ‘real’ grip: Maintain the exact grip and stance you use during live-fire training to ensure consistency and build muscle memory.

  4. Incorporate training aids: Utilize dry-fire training tools, such as the ones we’ve recommended in this article, to enhance your practice session and receive real-time feedback on your performance.

  5. Focus on trigger control: Pay close attention to your trigger pull, ensuring a smooth and consistent press without disturbing your iron sights or red dot. This will help improve your accuracy during live-fire sessions.

  6. Make dry fire a habit: Establish a regular dry fire training schedule to maintain and improve your shooting skills. Consistent practice is essential to getting better fast. In our War Room community, we conducted a challenge to have members dry fire every day for a month. After the challenge, dry firing became a habit.

  7. Mix up your drills and exercises: Vary your drills, exercises, and scenarios to keep your training sessions engaging and challenging. This will help you develop a well-rounded skill set and prevent boredom during practice.

  8. Record your progress: Keep track of your performance and improvements over time to stay motivated and identify areas that may require additional focus.

Here’s a video that will help make your dry fire training more realistic.

By following these tips, you can maximize the effectiveness of your dry fire training sessions and continually improve your shooting skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does dry firing damage a gun?

Dry firing generally does not cause damage to centerfire guns. These firearms are designed to withstand the impact of the firing pin hitting the chamber without a cartridge in place.

However, for rimfire guns like .22 caliber models, repeated dry firing can potentially cause damage because the firing pin in these guns may strike the edge of the chamber, causing it to degrade over time.

How much should you dry fire per day?

There is no minimum or maximum number of times a day. It will all depend on your time and how much you can remain focused during your practice sessions.

Many serious shooters dry fire at least 15-30 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week. Professional shooters may dry fire daily and for 30 or more minutes each session.

The key is to be consistent, depending on your time and attention span. If you can only dry fire once a week, then be consistent.

Regarding the session length, you can keep going as long as your technique doesn’t get sloppy. If this happens, it’s a good indicator that you should stop for the day.

Can dry fire training improve my shooting?

It absolutely can! I don’t understand those who say they don’t want to dry fire or that they only shoot live ammunition.

The best shooters in the world all dry fire. It allows you to work on practically everything you can when shooting live rounds, except recoil management.

Do I need any special equipment for dry fire training?

Not at all. You can use an unloaded firearm if you want.

That said, I highly recommend using different training tools like the ones on our list.

They will make practice more enjoyable and help you improve faster, especially for beginner to intermediate shooters.

Is dry fire practice effective for both beginners and experienced shooters?

Absolutely. Regardless of your skill level, dry fire practice allows you to get in countless repetitions for free, practically anywhere.

If you use proper technique, each perfect rep will help you improve and burn your movements into your subconscious.

Can dry fire training replace live fire training?

You can accomplish a lot with dry fire training alone, but it will never replace live fire training, regardless of using a laser pistol with an integrated recoil system.

Technology has gone a long way to simulating recoil using compressed gas, but it isn’t the same as live fire when it comes to learning and improving recoil management.

In addition, for a lot of shooters shooting live ammo, the sound of a gun going off (i.e. the bang) and the face that they are using actual ammo can cause stress and anxiety. This can’t really be replicated during dry fire, so shooters need to practice at a live range, too.

Though dry fire training can’t replace live fire training, they complement each other, and serious shooters will do both.

Get Started with the Best Dry Fire Training Systems Today

The best shooters in the world will agree. Dry practice will make you a better shooter.

But, many people find it boring. Dry fire training systems can help make practice fun while helping you improve faster.

We’ve tried practically every major dry fire product, but the list we provided are the best. Check them out and start practicing!

If we left out a major tool that you’ve used, let us know in the comments section below.

Our Comprehensive List of the Dry Fire Training Tools We’ve Used

In coming up with our list of the top dry fire training products, we went through a lot of different tools. Here the the other popular training aids we tested.

  1. Laser Ammo Flash Bolt

    If you want to dry fire with your AR-15, Laser Ammo's Flash Bolt is a great option that allows you to work on magazine changes. You can take multiple shots without having to rack your charging handle all the time, and a green, red, or IR Laser is emitted with every shot. This is a great product, but we have to give the edge to the Mantis Blackbeard X.

    Learn More
  2. Laser Ammo SureStrike Ultimate LE Edition

    Among laser cartridges, this is the best and most reliable we've used. There are many knock-offs and unknown brands, but Laser Ammo is on top. This is great for beginners and people who do not mind racking the slide each shot.

    Learn More
  3. TRT Tap Rack Dry Fire Inserts

    TRT dry fire inserts load into an empty pistol magazine and prevents the slide of a semi-automatic pistol from locking back. This allows you to work tap rack malfunctions and offers a degree of convenience in not having to hit your slide stop/release when racking your slide to take another shot during dry fire practice.

    Learn More
  4. Laser Ammo Advanced Laser Training Pistol

    This training pistol mimics the weight, grip, and trigger pull of a traditional firearm, providing a realistic experience without live ammunition. It has a laser that activates when the trigger is pulled, offering immediate visual feedback on shot placement. Some models also feature an alarm to indicate trigger guard incursion. This training tool is ideal for practicing shooting fundamentals like sight alignment, trigger control, and quick target acquisition, making it an excellent choice for both novice shooters and seasoned professionals. A great training pistol for beginners, but the SIRT Pistol has more available models.

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  5. LaserLyte Laser Trainer Pistol

    If you want a dedicated laser pistol with no recoil, this is another option. It's designed to closely mimic the size, weight, and feel of a full-size Glock 19. This realistic training pistol features a resetting 5.5lb trigger, helping to improve your trigger control and shooting accuracy. When the trigger is pulled, the laser trainer emits a laser dot.

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  6. LaserHIT Dry Fire Training Kit

    This kit includes a laser training cartridge that fits into your firearm and emits a laser pulse when the trigger is pulled. It also comes with a target and an app you can use on your smartphone or tablet. The app tracks and records your shots, providing instant visual and auditory feedback. This allows you to practice various shooting drills at home, track your progress over time, and even compete with friends. While it's a great tool, Mantis's Laser Academy is better.

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  7. G-Sight ELMS Plus ProPack

    A dry fire training system that includes a laser training cartridge that combines with a mobile device and their training app to track your progress, practice various drills, and improve your accuracy and speed. One of its unique features is the replaceable strike pads, allowing you to swap them out as they wear down from the firing pin, extending the life of the cartridge. It's a solid product but Mantis's Laser Academy has the edge.

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  8. Strikeman Laser Cartridge Training Kit

    Similar to LaserHIT, G-Sight, iTarget, and Mantis's Laser Academy, the Strikeman kit includes a laser cartridge, a target, and an app that records your shots, allowing you to monitor your progress over time. It is a cost-effective way to improve shooting skills, but we'd invest our money in Mantis's Laser Academy instead.

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  9. iTarget Pro

    Similar to G-Sight, Strikeman, LaserHIT, and the Laser Academy in fundamental feature set and benefits, but Mantis's Laser Academy is a much better buy that offers more features and benefits to its users.

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  10. Laser Ammo LaserPET II

    An interactive, electronic target triggered by a laser that provides immediate visual and auditory feedback for each shot. It comes with multiple training modes, allowing you to customize your practice sessions according to your needs. It is compact and portable, enabling you to train anywhere, anytime. Additionally, it can be combined with other units for a more extensive custom shooting scenario.

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  11. LaserLyte Score Tyme Trainer Target

    An electronic 13-inch target with a 3-digit LED display that keeps score and times your shots. The target scores shots between 4 to 10 points, with 147 LEDs lighting up to show shot placement. The Score Tyme Trainer Target works with any of LaserLyte's Laser Training Cartridges. It also includes timed games for reactive laser shooting, adding a fun and competitive element to your practice sessions.

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  12. LaserLyte Steel Tyme Laser Trainer Targets

    A unique laser training target designed to simulate the feel of hitting steel targets. When hit with a laser from a compatible trainer, it produces a plinking sound and flashing LED lights, giving you both auditory and visual feedback. This immediate response enhances your dry-fire practice by making it more engaging and fun.

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