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NeoMag Review: Pocket Magnetic Magazine Holder

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The NeoMag is a pocket magnetic magazine holder that is popular among long-time concealed carriers.

It’s made by Front Pocket Innovations LLC who are also the inventors of other great products like the Alias.

I’ve used one almost every day for over four years, so I can give you some valuable insights from direct experience–the good and the bad.

That said, if you don’t already have one and are thinking about buying one, I highly recommend getting the NeoMag.

Our cadre members, many special operations veterans, and I use the NeoMag almost daily because it does exactly what it’s intended to do, reliably.

If you’re unsure if the NeoMag is right for you, continue reading as I dive deeper into what it is, its features, and its pros and cons.

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NeoMag: Magnetic Pocket Magazine Holder

A great addition to your everyday carry. It allows you to conceal a spare magazine easily in your pockets.

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What is the NeoMag?

As mentioned above, the NeoMag is a minimalist, pocket magnetic magazine holder meant for concealed carriers.

It uses rare earth magnets to secure magazines in place instead of a traditional locking mechanism, whether it be a strap, bungee cord retention, or plastic pouch inserts.

NeoMag Type 2

The NeoMag’s magnet holds magazines in place while still allowing users to easily grip their mags and remove them from the NeoMag–by sliding the magazine along the magnets.

The design allows users to hide their magazines in their pockets. The NeoMag has a clip that looks very similar to everyday carry folding knives, so if people see the clip, they will think it’s a knife rather than a spare magazine.

How Does it Work?

The NeoMag has a simple, practical design.

A titanium clip is attached to a baseplate with ‘wings,’ which is attached to an N35-N52 grade neodymium magnet producing eight pounds of pull at operating temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius.

The ‘wings’ and the rare earth magnet hold magazines securely, while the clip is attached to a pant or short pocket–like a small folding knife.

Once placed inside one’s pocket, whether a front pocket or a back pocket, the magazine disappears.

Grabbing the magazine for a reload is easy.

Front Pocket Users

People who use NeoMag with a front pocket generally orient their magazines with their bullets forward.

Source: NeoMag

If users keep their NeoMag in their left front pocket, most will use the index finger of their left hand to ‘index’ their magazine as they would with a normal mag pouch.

Then, they will use their left hand thumb to wrap around their magazine in a ‘crab-claw’ fashion–allowing them to have a secure grip on their mag.

(People who use their right pockets will use their right hand index finger and thumb.)

Once a secure grip is established, users simply pull their mag up out of their pocket, essentially sliding their mag along the rare earth metals.

Back Pocket Users

Some people prefer using their NeoMags in their back pockets.

The process is similar, but usually, one more step is added to secure one’s mag because there is less space for one to establish a good grip with their index finger and thumb.

Let’s assume someone is using a NeoMag in their left back pocket.

First, the user must stage their NeoMag to get a better grip. Initially, the mag will be hidden well and deep in the back pocket making it difficult to get a good purchase.

It’s a good idea to use your left hand, specifically your fingers, to slide the NeoMag up slightly from within the back pocket. This is the added step.

Now, the bottom of your magazine will stick out, and you can get a good ‘crab-claw’ grip on the mag to pull it out of your pocket.

Different Types of NeoMags

There are two types of NeoMags: the standard NeoMag and the NeoMag Type G.

The standard NeoMag is made for standard metal magazines.

The NeoMag Type G is meant for Glock and 2011 magazines. The model has two rare earth magnets, instead of one, to further secure polymer and heaver magazines.

Standard NeoMag
NeoMag Type G

Each model has a large, medium, and small size. Based on NeoMag’s website, the following calibers fit in the following sizes:

  • .45 ACP / 10mm = Large
  • 9mm / 40 S&W = Medium
  • .380 ACP = Small

It’s important to note, there are some sizing exceptions that they clearly outline on their product page. For example, Wilson Combat 9mm single stack mags should use a large NeoMag instead of a medium-sized one.

NeoMag also has two clip size options: “Regular” clips and an “Extended” version meant for magazines with pinky rests or extensions.

Standard Clip
Extended Clip

The NeoMag is designed to hide your magazine, so picking the proper clip is important. If you pick a “Regular” clip and use a mag with an extension, the bottom of your mag will stick out from inside your pocket.

If you use standard magazines and use an “Extended” clip, your mag will sit lower in your pocket. It will be hidden, but it will be harder to grab when you need it.

Lastly, the NeoMag comes in two clip colors: titanium and black cerakote.

Black Cerakote

My Initial Impressions

I’ve been using the NeoMag for a while now, but I still remember my initial thoughts.

Before using the NeoMag, I used a standard concealed carry mag pouch that was attached to my belt.

What I immediately liked about the NeoMag was that I could reach my spare magazine without having to really worry much about defeating a garment.

With a standard mag pouch along my waist, my clothes always cover my spare magazine. Based on what I usually wear, the NeoMag solved this problem.

I also liked how it hid my magazine well. With the right clip, no one could tell I was carrying a spare magazine. They thought I had a pocket knife on me.

Clearly, my initial impressions were positive, and my thoughts on the product have stayed positive, as I’m still a loyal user.

More on why I continue to use the NeoMag in the benefits section below…

Watch Navy SEAL “Coch’s” NeoMag Review

NeoMag Pros

The NeoMag has a number of advantages over alternative ways of carrying a spare mag–a couple of which I already referenced above.

Don’t Need to Defeat a Garment All the Time

With the NeoMag, 99% of the time, I do not need to defeat a garment to reach my mag because it sits lower in one of my pockets.

Of course, this might be different for you depending on the type of clothes you wear. But even when I do need to move a garment away, coverage is minimal, so it is much easier and faster for me to grab my spare mag from a NeoMag.

More Than One Carry Option

I like how I can use the NeoMag in my front pocket or back pocket.

Sometimes I may have a lot of stuff in my front pockets, or maybe I’m carrying a handheld flashlight in my front pocket. Having the option to hide a spare mag in my back pocket is great during these situations.

When I use my back pocket with the NeoMag, I often forget it’s there because it doesn’t get in the way of sitting down.


Because the NeoMag lives inside a pocket and isn’t attached to a gun belt along one’s waste, it’s much more comfortable using it.

You won’t feel a mag pouch or magazine resting against your waist, or worse, jabbing you against your stomach.

If you carry concealed all day, comfort is extremely important. Often, with a NeoMag, you won’t even feel the spare magazine.

Use Single or Double Stack Magazines

Because the ‘wings’ don’t wrap all the way around the magazine, the NeoMag can accept either single-stack or double-stack magazines with the same holder. You can also mount your magazine on either side and up or down inside your pocket.

Holds Securely in Place

We often preach how with holsters, the attachment point between the holster and your body/gun belt, is critical because a holster’s clip is responsible for securing your holster in place.

With the NeoMag, their provided clip will hold it in place: The NeoMag has a rubber pad underneath the clip, which in my use, has kept the clip in place no matter what I’m doing or what pocket I use.

Lifetime Warranty

It’s nice to know that if your NeoMag fails on you, the company won’t leave you out to dry.

They will fix your NeoMag or send you a brand-new one if needed.

This said I haven’t heard of anyone’s NeoMag breaking or failing them.

NeoMag Cons

While I’m a big fan and user, the NeoMag does have some issues you should be aware of before you buy.

Doesn’t Work with All Magazines

While it will work with most magazines, there are some exceptions. The company clearly states:


The Clip Stands Out Like a Knife

While this can be a good thing for some people, it might be bad for others.

The NeoMag does a great job of hiding your spare mag, but it does look like you are carrying a knife.

Pocket Knife

While I don’t mind if people know or think I have a knife on me, some people want to be completely under the radar.

In these cases, a regular mag pouch would work better because it will be covered by your clothing.

Most people I know don’t care about the clip showing, but people are different, so it’s important you’re aware.

The Edge of the Clip Might Tear

As mentioned earlier, the clip is made out of titanium and is robust.

It’s never happened to me, and I honestly do not know anyone who ran into tear issues, but I’ve read that some people have had the edge of their clip cause tears in their clothing or furniture (if the clip is in your back pocket and you sit down).

Personally, the clips make up and design is very similar to a folding knife. If you’ve never had issues with a folding knife’s clip, you most likely won’t have issues with the NeoMag, too.

Your Mag Might Detach When Grappling

As a former professional fighter, integrated combatives is important as is the ability to secure my tools even if I have to go hands-on with a threat.

While I feel the clip is secure and will never detach from your pocket, in extreme circumstances where one is grappling on the ground, one’s mag might detach from the magnet.

If it does, the mag would probably stay secure in your pocket, but indexing your mag would be more difficult now.

I’ve never had my mag separate from the magnet during training, but because there is no active retention device, there’s always a possibility that one’s mag might come loose.

Despite this, I still use the NeoMag and recommend it because the chances of your mag detaching are improbable–though possible.

What Others Think About the NeoMag

If you look at their Google Reviews, based on 211 verified reviews they have a 5-Star rating.

I mentioned above how practically everyone on our cadre uses one, and in our interviews with popular tactical experts, many of them use one, too.

In fact, in one expert round-up article where we interviewed twelve experts about their everyday carry items, eight of them said they use the NeoMag.

The other four mentioned they didn’t carry a spare magazine.

“Smart design and very well made. This is the solution I was looking for. Ordering more.”

Read more NeoMag reviews on their website here.

Things To Know Before Buying

As I mentioned earlier, NeoMags will work with most magazines in the market, but make sure to read and remember the fine print. Here it is again for your reference:


Next, most shorts and pants I’ve used work great with the NeoMag. However, I noticed with really thin athletic-style pants–think climbing or running, the NeoMag may ‘turn’ inside your pocket.

The NeoMag’s orientation has changed because of the thin material.

The NeoMag will stay secure and doesn’t turn itself, but thin pants or shorts may ‘fold’ for the lack of a better word, causing the NeoMag’s orientation to change–let’s say from bullets facing forward to bullets facing back.

Lastly, while the NeoMag is simple and easy to use, you need to practice grabbing your spare mag from your pocket a lot to be consistent and build speed–just like anything in shooting.

There isn’t a big learning curve, but unless you put the time in and get the reps, your mag changes won’t be very smooth or fast.

NeoMag Alternatives

Standard concealed carry magazine pouches are always an option. Of course, this means you need to deal with more ‘stuff’ along your gun belt, which may affect comfort, and you need to defeat a garment before accessing your spare mag.

You can also get a SnagMag, but I don’t recommend it. I actually don’t know anyone at a high level who uses a SnagMag. It’s a lower-cost option, but with the lower cost, comes lower quality and a sub-par design.

With the SnagMag, you must buy a separate one for single-stack or double-stack magazines. You can’t use the same SnagMag for both.

Also, the SnagMag is bigger and bulkier–the opposite of a minimalist design.

The Final Verdict

9.8out of 10

Works As Intended9.8
Ease of Use, Comfort, & Ergonomics10

The NeoMag is a great piece of kit.

It has a minimalist design and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Many concealed carriers, including our cadre and me, use it almost on a daily basis.

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but will last long. I don’t know anyone who has broken theirs.

If you don’t already have one, you can pick one up here. You can also get 10% off your entire order by using the code Hyve10 at checkout.

They have a lot of great, innovative products that will probably catch your eye, like the Alias system.

Editor's Choice
NeoMag: Magnetic Pocket Magazine Holder

A great addition to your everyday carry. It allows you to conceal a spare magazine easily in your pockets.

Buy Now at NeoMag
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